December 20, 2005

Web 2.0 is a party ...

... meanwhile, over in the Valley, the party's going on, just like the Talking Heads always have told us: "There's a party in my mind...And it never stops. / There's a party up there all the time... / They'll party till they drop / Other people can go home...Other people they can split / I'll be here all the time...I can never quit ..." (#)

and here's some mash-up from the party conversations' semantic cloud over at TechNotes, beginning with an answer to Richard:

"In the words of Kyle from Southpark, 'You Bastards'. These attacks come from the Web 2.0?s biggest champions ... Web 2.0 is not a marketing slogan. It is the slogan of a people?s army. Our army. They are words that help us explain the explosion of conversations on the web, and justify our enthusiasm for innovation. ... Look at Flickr. Look at Delicious. Look at Riya. And 1,000 more. My God, how dare you tell me that something amazing and new, completely new, hasn?t happened on the web. ... It?s about the web coming out of a nuclear winter and bursting forth in a fit of chaotic growth. It?s about hope and love and getting ridiculously wealthy by ignoring the wisdom of those around you who say 'your idea, it sucks'. Don?t be so eager to tear down this castle in the sky. It may not be so easy to build it yet again."

"Pssst, I have joined the Dark Side. I to believe that it is becoming a liability more then a rally cry." (Comment) - "You must take down your blog, which you no longer believe in, and replace it with a geocities home page immediately." (Mike Arrington, answering) - ... "at the risk of being a little arrogant, I think I built a lot of the castle that O?Reilly and Battelle call Web 2.0, but somehow I?m not invited to their party." (Dave Winer, being himself) - ""... that was the point back then as well, its not about technology, its about the people. The spirit that soars when one feels like they are invited to the party and it is where they belong - being a part of something bigger than yourself and an era in time that is of great importance." - "And what connects Flickr, and Riya besides the fact that they were all startups trying to get flipped to Google, Microsoft & Yahoo?" - ?It is the slogan of a people?s army. Our army.? That sounds strange to me? implies a militaristic, zero-sum, ?us vs them? mindset??" - "Christ. I?m turning comments off." - "As a VC and former investment banker, I am always struck with the power of naming ..."Is the term neoplatonically ideal?" - ?A philosophical system developed at Alexandria in the third century A.D. by Plotinus and his successors. It is based on Platonism with elements of mysticism and some Judaic and Christian concepts and posits a single source from which all existence emanates and with which an individual soul can be mystically united." - "At least AJAX represents something reasonably concrete!" - "Can?t we rename Web 2.0 to something other than standing for expensive conferences and parties?"

hell, no, we can't! earnestly. Web 2.0 is not about software. it is NOT about people. it IS about PARTIES, in a fundamental sense. semantic clouds. fuzzy castles in the sky.

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