April 25, 2007

convergence#4: media cont.

another way to look at media convergence is the convergence of End Devices:

Smartphones are integrating voice, pictures, txting and Internet/Web, the iPhone is integrating AV-media and Internet/Web, PCs are getting more mobile and are integrating voice and AV-media too. Only the TV doesn't seem to fully integrate the Web, the strategy going instead in the direction of "web-enhanced interactive TV", that is video plus a data layer.

The convergence of end devices is also a convergence of interfaces, most notably of the First Screen (TV), the Second Screen (PC) and the Third Screen (Mobile). But is must be emphasized that the screen is not the only interface type for a converged culture - there may be audio interfaces too (eg. ideal for the audio environment of a car) and other pervasive interfaces for "invisible services" (data triggering actions in the real world, and actions triggering data in the web world).

Posted by martin at April 25, 2007 3:43 PM
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