April 25, 2007

convergence#3: media convergence

not only is there not enough difference made between technological access and "experiental" access. there is also the convergence of media:

"The term convergence is commonly used in reference to the synergistic combination of voice (and telephony features), data (and productivity applications) and video onto a single network. These previously separate technologies are now able to share resources and interact with each other creating new efficiencies."

So it is voice, data, and video here, apparently seen from a technological perspective, meaning "old voice transmission technologies", "old video broadcasting technologies" and "new IP-based data technologies", while "old" is standing here for non-IP/packet switched.

What about non-telephony audio, by the way? Of course, "data" is a completely different category if understood from a media perspective. There is no data-as-media. A human can hear voices and watch video, but s/he cannot "access data" as such. A human is reading data-as-texts or looking at data-as-pictures, data-as-graphics or data-as-visual-structures. And, of course, increasingly humans are also consuming voice-as-data (podcasts, streaming radio) and video-as-data (YouTube). But still TEXT is the main media type in the data world. (in a wider sense, layouted and integrating embedded graphics/pics)

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