November 30, 2006

100 $ laptop pics ...

... picture gallery: looks surprisingly good. a new kind of media device, actually. it will create new media practices & new media (micro-)content types.

david weinberger is commenting on it. and here is the "learning vision": "Laptops are the pencils for the digital age."

and it will be interesting, what digital devices (= subject positions) will survive in the digital darwinist environment, becoming dominant, puttig their genes in, findig niches ...

we have now: laptop, tablet, 100$thing, iPod, PDA, smartphone (without full keyboard), smartphone/pager, playstation ... what else? ist there a systematic reflexion anywhere on the distinctive media experiences and media practices?

via preoccupations, as nearly always.

Posted by martin at November 30, 2006 10:12 AM
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