February 3, 2006

Ajax, the Weather & systems theory ...

Kurt Cagle in his blog "Understanding XML" (as in: "Understanding Media"?):

"I realize that there are likely many people who would object to this contention, but I'll make it nonetheless:

As the load increases on the system of the Internet, the system responds by rewarding structures that shift the load into a more asynchronous, distributed architecture.

Now, this sounds like I'm ascribing to the Internet some level of volition or consciousness. That's absolutely not the case. ...

I definitely see AJAX playing into this model because it replaces tightly bound, synchronous services with loosely coupled, declarative asynchronous services on the client, and because of this also shapes the server (and in time servers) development process.

It's a regime change, and will likely end up becoming a dominant strange attractor until the system pushes this out in favor of even more effective solutions.

A website no longer has a single "home", but instead is made up of components that pull their data from a wide variety of different websites and webservices, running them through a transformation stage on the client to paint the interfaces.

I think that AJAX will eventually fall by the wayside, but it will be replaced by declarative databound objects ... This will change the "energy" of the web as well.

Jumping away from AJAX for a bit and returning to the weather, the Earth's weather system is just that - it is a complex system that shuttles around energy."

just a part of it. read the whole thing. featuring the Lorenz Bifurcation Graph, among other things. which seems to be chaos theory.

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