October 26, 2005

content 2.0 ...

... Yannick Laclau, Barcelona, from the WebDosBeta network. Brilliant article / open letter to Nicholas Carr. This is just a small piece about "scary economics" (read the rest!):

"... Far from putting all programmers out of work, these improvements have made programmers much more productive, and therefore more capable of spending their time on solving more important problems.

That's the dynamic that is starting to take place in the content business. At a rapid clip, the building blocks of content creation are being commoditized: access to sources, aggregation of basic data and statistics, fact-checking, and so on. This trend extends deep into the value chain of content businesses: where before you needed an ad sales force, today you need 3 lines of javascript and a Google AdSense account to get started; where before you needed to find a distributor, today a free download of WordPress will suffice.

I've worked for consulting firms where the respective telecoms practices would invest a lot of consultant and researcher time to benchmark things like mobile phone and internet access tariffs in countries around the world. No value added, just aggregating the data. And this work was probably being duplicated simultaneously by dozens of firms, none of which would dream of sharing the data with one another."

Thank you, Richard (Read/WriteWeb), for this, for Ted Nelson (see last posting here) and all the coverage of the technology-transcending-side of, erm, "Web 2.0". (and yes, i say it again: "Web 2.0".)

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