September 3, 2004

software studies after manovich ...

... a sub-chapter by Matt Kirschenbaum (blog) in The Politics Of Information (2003), an ebook of 370+ pages, which should/must be downloaded here.


Introduction by Marc Bousquet v

1. Beyond the Voting Machine 1

Section Introduction, Marc Bousquet, 3
Charles Bernstein, ?Electronic Pies in the Poetry Skies? 7
Bennett Voyles, ?The Selling of E-thePeople? 12
DeeDee Halleck, ?The Censoring of Burn!? 18
Fran Ilich, ?Delete the Border!? 45
Bruce Simon, ?Illegal Knowledge: Strategies for New-Media Activism?
(dialogue with Ricardo Dominguez and Geert Lovink) 55
Mark Amerika and Katherine Wills, ?Resisting the Interview:
An Anti-Interview with Mark Amerika about Internet Art? 66

2. Technocapitalism and The Politics of Information 79

Section Introduction, Marc Bousquet, 81
David Golumbia, ?Metadiversity: On the Unavailability of
Alternatives to Information? 85
Tiziana Terranova, ?Free Labor, Producing Culture for the DigitalEconomy? 99
Nick Dyer-Witheford, ?Sim Capital: General Intellect,
World Market, Species Being and the Video Game? 122
John Monberg, ?Social Worlds of the Information Society: Lessons from the
Calumet Region? 141
Matt Kirschenbaum, ?Virtuality and VRML: Software Studies After Manovich? 149
Donna Haraway, ?Prospects for a Materialist Informatics?
(interview with Lisa Nakamura) 154

3. Intellectuals and Their Property 169

Section Introduction, Marc Bousquet, 171
Mark Poster, ?What?s Left?: Materialist Responses to the Internet? 177
Kembrew McLeod, ?Intellectual Property Law, Freedom of Expression,
and the Web? 182
Caren Irr, ?On ?ark, or, The Limits of Intellectual Property Hacktivism? 195
Tara McPherson, ?Patched In: A Conversation with Anne-Marie Schleiner? 204
Paul Collins, ?What?s Mine is Mine, What?s Yours is Mine:
Ownership in Online Universities? 213
Harvey Molloy, ?Before and after the Web? (interview with George Landow) 219

4. The Information University 227

Section Introduction, Marc Bousquet, 229
Marc Bousquet, ?The Informatics of Higher Education? 233
Ken Saltman, ?Rehabilitation for Milkin?s Junk Habit? 258
Timothy W. Luke, ?The Digital Downside: Moving from Craft to
Factory Production in Online Learning? 272
Stephanie Tripp, ?From Utopianism to Weak Messianism:
Electronic Culture?s Spectral Moment? 258

5. Teaching the Cyborg 297

Section Introduction, Marc Bousquet, 299
Katie King, ?Women in the Web? 303
Laura L. Sullivan, ?Resistance Through Hypertext:
ACTing UP in the Electronic Classroom? 315
Susan Schreibman, ?Next Generation Student Resources: A Speculative Primer? 343
Harvey Molloy, ?The Fan?s Desire and Technopower? 351
Chris Carter and Gregory Ulmer, ?The Florida Research Ensemble and the
Prospects for an Electronic Humanities? (dialogue with Chris Carter) 362

Afterword by Victor Vitanza, ?Two Gestures,While Waiting for a Third? 373

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