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The view that systematic thinking is an illusion of earlier times which has long since proved itself unworkable has been to a large extent accepted in modern philosophy. The splintering up of the globus intellectualis into a great number of individual scientific disciplines has surely contributed in part to this view. Additionally, the encroachment of scientific specialization on philosophy makes the achievement of a system-oriented discourse difficult. It is maintained today that overarching, unified systems of philosophy can not be discussed, only specific problems and alternative hypotheses which attempt to solve these problems. Philosophical discussion was in this respect always specialized. In contrast to today, it was once possible for individual philosophers to grasp and in a competent manner penetrate all philosophical discussions concerning all specialization. However, just because it is no longer possible for an individual to hold all of humankind's accumulated knowledge in the palm of his hand, it is no insurmountable hindrance for the development of a program aimed at such a penetration of unified knowledge, provided it is made feasible through the cooperation of various parties. 
Thanks to the financial support of the Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici, the “Archives for Systematic Philosophy” can now be set up at the Philosophical Institute of the University of Vienna. Corresponding to the goals of the Internationale Gesellschaft ‚System der Philosophie‘ and the Studien zum System der Philosophie, the archives will serve in the future as a depot of collected information and relevant contacts. It will also contribute to a renewal in research for systematic philosophy. Building on preliminary work, which was above all dedicated to twentieth century transcendental philosophical systems, the first priority of business is to obtain a vast as possible overview of contemporary systematic philosophy. Everyone who is interested in the actualization of systematic philosophy and can contribute either from their own work or from foreign work to the success of the undertaking is invited. Since there are no means available to the archives for the purchase of publications, the forwarding of book contributions is appreciated. 

Archiv fuer Systematische Philosophie
c/o Philosophisches Institut der Universitaet Wien
Universitaetsstrasse 7/II/II
A-1010 Vienna

The following information should be contained in your inquiry letter: 

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C) Publications 
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i) Portrait (photograph) 
i) List of courses taught 
ii) List of scientific talks, interviews, etc. 

Since this information can be made available through the Internet, all inquiries 
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Archiv fuer Systematische Philosophie